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Nature is inspiring

Arrest yourself on a country walk by drinking in the surroundings: shimmering leaves, whispering grasses, exuberant colour of stems or Read more..

Collaborative planting in Hove

I went to Hove to look at a garden – the owner and I are doing a collaborative planting. This means tempering desire with the Read more..

Best and Worst Front Gardens – series 6

Nearly got run over photographing this but I just had to share this front garden. Ratings explained: *        call for a skip **     Read more..

The questionable matter of choice in choosing the right plant

Last weekend an old friend came to stay.  We talked about garden design and his question was “don’t you have too much Read more..

No camera? No excuse for bad website pics.

This is a blog post about pulling  my socks up.  I must have one of the worst websites around – a sort of Read more..

My terrible meadow sowing attempts

There is a patch of ground in my garden that has definitely got the upper hand.  It started as a sulking vegetable plot full of stones and Read more..

Review of Deckchair Gardening by Anne Wareham

In “The Deckchair Gardener”  Anne and her mischievous and irreverent Gnome make it plain that all of us gardeners out there have Read more..

Dig your soil? Or then again, do not

Earlier this year I went to the Garden Press Event buried in the depths of the  Barbican.  Humming and hawing over whether to go, it Read more..

Why I do not want to plant lilies at all (plus random garnish of pics)

I do not want to plant lilies at all.  I hate to think how those bright red lily beetles can zone in. Living  in the back of beyond well Read more..

My 10 top tips for a successful PLANTING PLAN

This week I have mostly been spending time on  planting plans and fending off the breath of chaos breathing  down the back of my collar Read more..
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