a first birthday (in pictures)

Having passed the 6 month anniversary of Luca’s first birthday last month (woops!) before sorting through the photos from his special day, here’s how we celebrated him.  Euan was off school with chicken pox and it was so lovely to have him home with us – it really wouldn’t have been the same without E there to “help” unwrap and play with L’s presents!  And it was lovely to have a birthday cake making ... Read more

musical stories inspired by life in Gloucester

Imagine it’s 2010 and you’re reading this in the week ... Read more

wordless wednesday

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Guide to Controlling Leafhoppers

As the name implies, this insect hops from one plant to another with ... Read more

melting wax crayons

With a craft loving 5 year old and a curious 1 year old it’s ... Read more

Leaf Miner – An Organic Approach to Control

The leaf miner can attack a large range of plants from trees, fruits, ... Read more

playing with the OXO mash maker food mill

When E was a baby the first foods he tried were strawberries, avocado ... Read more

wordless wednesday

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Tips for Organically Controlling Mealybugs

Prior to controlling this garden pest, one must know what to look ... Read more

Trip to Slovenia

 Just a couple of weeks ago I made a short trip to ... Read more

a bedbug glow for bedtime

 I first bought a Lumie bodyclock long before I became a Mum. I ... Read more

wordless wednesday

... Read more

wordless wednesday

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My Lovely Summer

It’s been a pretty good summer so I thought I’d post some ... Read more

just keep trying

”Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep ... Read more

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