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How to Grow the Spider Flower

The spider flower (Cleome spinosa) is originally from the tropical Americas and the Caribbean. It is also called spider Read more..

How to Plant Celosia Seed

Celosia seed can be planted outside once the weather warms or indoors.  While you may think that planting them outside Read more..

Growing Sweet Pea

Sweet pea is one of those plants that like to be planted in the late winter to early spring.  The key is to prepare Read more..

Planting Calendula Seeds

The calendula is also known as the pot marigold.  It comes in shades of yellow and orange.  While this plant is a Read more..

Planting Impatiens Seeds

Impatiens is a wonderful annual to plant when you want color in shady to partially sunny areas.  While you can go out Read more..

How to Grow Pansies from Seed

Believe it or not, pansies are easy to start from seed.  This plant propagation method can be done twice a year, which Read more..

Simple Ways to Preserve Flowers

Everyone loves flowers.  But the best flowers of all are those given to you by a love one.  While you can take Read more..

Love-in-a-Mist: Nigella damascene

Love-in-a-Mist is a beautiful annual plant that is self-seeding.  But while it does save the gardener time as far as Read more..

How to Grow Larkspur

Larkspur is a cool season annual that can add green to an otherwise dreary winter garden and then show off its Read more..

Love (and a garden) in a Warm Climate

Our daughter Elizabeth has a garden at Lyttleton on the South Island of New Zealand.It is an overused word, but her Read more..