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making fudgy coconut brownies

If you like chewy and gooey in a sweet treat then these fudgy coconut brownies are the ones for you!  I certainly do Read more..

Winter Iris Reticulata

One of the earliest flowering bulbs is this Iris Reticulata. It makes a lovely rockery bulb. It is low growing, though Read more..

Getting rid of winter with reflections of last summer…

Looking back at my last blog I realise that all the pictures were almost sepia in their muted late winter tones, so, Read more..

What Do Plants Need to Grow?

Plants grow in an extreme variety of climates from Cacti in the desert to Pines in the Arctic circle. However, Read more..

Siskin Suprise

These Teasels and Dried Verbena bonarensis are still striking in the sunken border. They were crushed under the snow, Read more..

Tips for Growing Giant Vegetables

This is one of the many books in my collection but the only one to focus on growing big, bigger and biggest Read more..

Jobs for Gardeners in February

There are numerous jobs to start in February and most gardeners will be very busy. Perhaps too busy to read this Read more..

Growing Astilbe glaberrima

Astilbe are well known herbaceous perennials with divided leaves and erect plume-like panicles of tiny white, pink or Read more..

Late Bulb Planting – Use Pots

Apart form late Tulips I think it is best to leave spring bulbs out of the ground – the end of November is too Read more..

Growing Christmas Roses and Helleborus

What are Hellebores Helleborus niger is the latin name for the Christmas Rose, the white flowered Hellebore. Read more..