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My Seed Purchase for Cloud Pruning

I have just updated my 50 Top Seed Companies published in 2010. A new entrant in my list, RP Seeds, offered Ilex Read more..

Olympic Flowers and Plants

London Olympics 2012 Back in 2008 I wrote about the flowers and plants to be used at the Beijing Read more..

Perfect Pink Pinks -Dianthus Species

Bright brash ‘Indian Pinks’ are verging on red in this cultivar. It looked great in the first season but I Read more..

July already!

Agave celsii coming into bloom with a Verbascum behind... I always like to read articles and blogs I have written at Read more..

Candelabra Primula Bulleesiana & Hybrids

Primula x bulleesiana is being recognised as one of the great Primulas to grow in your garden. These Candelabra Read more..

Growing Chusan Palm

Trachycarpus fortunei or the Chusan palm can grow and flower in the UK.  They are hardy down to -10° C and tolerate Read more..


Our village has its fair share of thatched cottages. Stuart was up on the ladders the other day putting a new ridge Read more..

The Art of Bonsai

Bonsai means tray grown, and is the art of creating balance between a dwarfed tree and its tray. The art of bonsai Read more..

Plants that made History and Drink

Three Cheers 3 Hearty Cheers 1. Tea – Camellia sinensis A native of China, tea leaves  were delivered around Read more..

Febuary First

This is the only Camellia that survived the move to this house. It has many layered red flowers held above the Read more..