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Houseplant Care-Moving Back Indoors

Houseplants look wonderful outdoors during the summer months.  Moving them outdoors can give the indoor environment Read more..

Growing Autumn Raspberries

Raspberries can be planted as bare-root plants in the autumn. For late summer and autumn fruiting varieties you can Read more..

Going crazy over Bromeliads!

Visitors to the Exotic Garden regularly ask me what is my favourite plant or group of plants. This is a question that Read more..

Crocus Tommasinianus Ruby Giant Pound Shop

I have just bought a pack of Crocus Ruby Giant that contained 30 bulbs for £1.00. It will be February or March before Read more..

Matron’s Pickled Onions

I came by a large sack of pickling onions in a farmers shop recently. I have always adored pickled onions, as a child I Read more..

Frogs And Flowers

With all the civil unrest going on around the UK the garden has turned into my little sanctuary from watching the Read more..

Under the Tuscan sun…

August—it’s hot and dry, but I would never avoid the garden; not even on the hottest day of the year would I ignore Read more..

The Burning Bush – Combustible Weeding

I have spoken of the tedium, nay obsession of searching out ground elder and racing to get to bittercress and Read more..