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Growing Phlomis Varieties

Phlomis are small shrubs for a warm sunny border. The unusual flower stems and Mediterranean style silver leaves make Read more..

Crocus Tommasinianus Ruby Giant Pound Shop

I have just bought a pack of Crocus Ruby Giant that contained 30 bulbs for £1.00. It will be February or March before Read more..

Slender Distinctive Plants

Do you like frondy plants that wave in the breeze? There are many elegant grasses to choose from but I like a Read more..

Laburnum Golden Rain in Chains

Fantastic festoons of  floral racemes give this Laburnum its common name of  ‘Golden Rain’. The drooping Read more..

Rhubarb Growing Tips

Grow your own Rhubarb as it is easy to cultivate and gives a large crop of tender pink stalks. Varieties to choose Read more..

Gooseberry no Fooling

One of the first fruits to be available for the kitchen and table each year, the gooseberry is an old stalwart. Read more..

Growing Marguerites

Marguerites are a small genus of plants ‘Argyranthemum’ that that look very similar to Read more..

Firethorn or Pyracantha For Berries

Pyracantha, can be a neat shrub with attractive flowers and magnificent red, yellow or orange berries. The white Read more..

Mini Veg for Growing from Seed

Some Mini Veg varieties are naturally suitable for growing in pots or small spaces. Some are best when picked young Read more..

Growing ‘Just Joey’ Hybrid Tea Roses

I love the formal Hybrid Tea Roses like ‘Just Joey‘. Just Joey is a hybrid, bred from Fragrant Cloud and Read more..