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Growing Wild Flag Iris

Wild Flag Iris are easy to grow. The flowers are bright yellow, blue or purple. The seed heads show bright red seeds Read more..

Growing Dactylorrhiza Madeira & Marsh Orchids

Dactylorrhiza foliosa sometimes named the Madeiran Orchid or Dactylorhiza foliosa Dactylorrhiza Species Dactylorrhiza Read more..

Growing Christmas Roses and Helleborus

What are Hellebores Helleborus niger is the latin name for the Christmas Rose, the white flowered Hellebore. Read more..

Growing Ginkgo or Gingko Trees

Ginkgo trees are sacred trees planted around shrines and temples in China. They do not flower but have male and female Read more..

Rudbeckia Choosing and Growing Tips

Over 1500 posts are available on Gardeners tips and Rudbeckia has been covered several time before. I make no apology Read more..

Growing Pumpkins and Squash

On Halloween I am not alone in writing about growing Pumkins and some of my notes are from Sarah Ravens recent article Read more..

Vegetable Growing in Winter for Spring Crops

Sowing and planting vegetable in Autumn will ensure produce can be harvested from next April in mild districts. Over Read more..

Cushion Plants Growing Tips

What are Cushion Plants Surprise!  Cushion plants look like cushions although they may be firmer. Cushion plants Read more..

Acidanthera or Gladiolus callianthus Growing Tips

Corms of Acidanthera or Gladiolus callianthus are sold as summer bulbs but they flower best in autumn. Less colourful Read more..