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RHS Spring Advice

Curves at RHS Harlow Carr Garden   The Royal Horticultural Society offers free advice on there web site and to Read more..

For Mulch get Strulch

This is an unashamed plug for a garden mulch product called  Strulch. I have used it and it works. If you doubt me Read more..

Growing Hepatica

Hepatica Tips Hepaticas are among the most beautiful flowers of early spring. February and March is the best time to Read more..

Be Witch Hazels Hamamelis in Bloom

Hamamelis x intermedia primavera was flowering on an open shrub. It was about 5 feet high and had a 7-9 feet Read more..

Top English Gardens for RHS Visits

A list of 55 gardens in England recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society. RHS provides free admission for Read more..

Rock Gardens in Miniature

Your own rock garden does not have to be as large as that at Kew. You do not need to demonstrate every regional zone Read more..

Lythrum Loose Strife

Lythrum is a group of herbaceous perennials that can be reproduced by division. Plants grow 2-3 ft. high and flower Read more..

Violet Viola

This is the Viola that has regrown after it died back during a hot spell. The Plant looked dried out and dead. With a Read more..

Rockery Plants in a Rock Box

A call this a rock box as it is one way of displaying rockery plants above ground level. The size of these interesting Read more..

Actaea simplex autopurpurea group

Bug bane of a gardeners life? No Bugbane is just another name for Actaea. Part of the Atropurpurea Group this variety Read more..