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David Austin Rose Special

Read more..

Weeds and Waistlines, Signs of Spring!

How can I be sure that this is spring?It is warmer, yes. The beautiful but icy grip of the Scandinavian anticyclone is Read more..

Old Fashioned Primroses

It is cold. After a wonderful sunny March as is often said “We have paid for it!!” Cold nights, freezing dawns, Read more..

Plant of the month – Primula Auricula

Plant of the month - AprilPrimula AuriculaWe have a wide collection of these extraordinary little plants. Intense Read more..

Secrets of the selling beds

BEHIND THE SCENES AT A FAMILY PLANT NURSERYNo. 1 - SECRETS OF THE SELLING BEDS We run the bathroom tap all winter to Read more..

The Boiling Pond

Like the GilbertWhite of Abriachan, I crept stealthily up the path towards the pond, camera switched on, lens extended, Read more..

Little drops of green & white

Does any flower give more hope than snowdrops!Pure white modest flowers with a chaste beauty, that belies there tough Read more..

Winter woodland walk

Since we have returned from New Zealand I have walked through our garden and woodlands most days.  It is usually Read more..

Rose Discoveries – Beauty in a Shattered City.

If you know Christchurch as we do, it is very sad just now to see the cleared sites and demolition work that followed Read more..

The Badger and The Bees

The Buzz from the Hive Autumn and time for the beekeeper to relax a little, take stock of the honey crop and start to Read more..