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Runner Bean Organic Feast

The early insect damage on my runner bean leaves (above) has not damaged the crop of beans. Cool evenings and warm Read more..

Big is better! Large leaved plants are a must…

Agapanthus africana, Howea forsteriana frond (Kentia palm) and Ipomoea Carolina Bronze EDP article for Saturday Sept Read more..

In the woods

Magic has always fascinated me... but not just any kind of magic. I’m talking about stories woven in the threads of Read more..

Tromba D’Albegna Squash

OK, let's get the sniggers out in the open! OOH Matron that's a nice big one! Last year I was fortunate to swap some Read more..

How To Make Fast and Easy Raised Garden Beds

The reason so many gardeners love to make raised garden beds is because the benefits are almost endless and they are Read more..

Grow The Best Peppers This Summer!

Besides tomatoes, peppers are one of the most commonly grown garden crops during the summer. Gardeners are just crazy Read more..