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Growing Phlomis Varieties

Phlomis are small shrubs for a warm sunny border. The unusual flower stems and Mediterranean style silver leaves make Read more..

National Gardening Week 2012

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has come up with a new wheeze to be launched for 2012. The National Gardening Read more..

The Award of Garden Merit

The Royal Horticultural Society has designed a new Logo for the Award of Garden Merit. I find this award very useful Read more..

RHS Spring Advice

Curves at RHS Harlow Carr Garden   The Royal Horticultural Society offers free advice on there web site and to Read more..

Cure Liverwort Problems

Liverworts are primitive plants that can become a nuisance in plant pots and lawns. Liverworts are related to mosses Read more..

Top English Gardens for RHS Visits

A list of 55 gardens in England recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society. RHS provides free admission for Read more..

Tips for Growing Giant Vegetables

This is one of the many books in my collection but the only one to focus on growing big, bigger and biggest Read more..

Garden Performance 2010

Royal Horticultural Society RHS This garden based charity has continued to move towards operating as a large Read more..

White Flowers in Pictures

I am already cheating by offering White flowers and starting with deep purple blotches at the heart of this April Read more..

Bomb Proof Plants

Some plants are so reliable, accommodating and long lived that they earn the sobriquet ‘Bomb Proof’. As Read more..