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Growing Astilbe glaberrima

Astilbe are well known herbaceous perennials with divided leaves and erect plume-like panicles of tiny white, pink or Read more..

Gardeners Tips & RHS December Advice

Gardeners Tips for Winter Say temporary farewell to winter flowering Pansies. When the snow has gone and the Read more..

Late Bulb Planting – Use Pots

Apart form late Tulips I think it is best to leave spring bulbs out of the ground – the end of November is too Read more..

Growing Christmas Roses and Helleborus

What are Hellebores Helleborus niger is the latin name for the Christmas Rose, the white flowered Hellebore. Read more..

Sympathy Planting and Vegetable Pollination

To set fruit curcurbit vegetables need help with pollination and you can do help to do this with Read more..

Purple in the Garden

Purple pigmentation is a combination of red and blue. The proportions affect the intensity of the purple colouring. Read more..

Listed in RHS "Six UK Exotic Gardens"

I noticed an upsurge in traffic from the Royal Horticultural Society website lately, so had a wee look and was Read more..