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Midges – Scotland’s worst kept secret

Midges...Scotland's worst kept secret...but people still often looked surprised when first bitten.Yet they are rather Read more..

The Year of The Poppy

Back in winter I clearly recall saying to Donald ”This is 2014 and if ever there was one, this is the year of Read more..

Courtyard for Planters from Yorkshire

What would you call a shop in a courtyard that sells plants and pots? In Otley Yorkshire you would call it Courtyard Read more..

Plant Hardiness Ratings

You want your plants to survive our British climate so it is worth understanding the hardiness ratings. Plant hardiness Read more..

Growing Chusan Palm

Trachycarpus fortunei or the Chusan palm can grow and flower in the UK.  They are hardy down to -10° C and tolerate Read more..

Royal Brides Flowers

White will be the order of the day for Kate Middleton’s bridal bouquet. Previous Royal Weddings The Queen Read more..

Not Only Scotland Grows Great Heather

Heather is an overlooked plant that can perform well in most gardens even though they generally prefer an acidic soil. Read more..

Growing Gerbera

Gerbera are ornamental plants that are related to sunflowers. They are very popular as a decorative garden plant or as Read more..

Name Of The Shrub

This luscious green leaves shrub has these dainty white flower buds on it. I do not know what it is called. We had it Read more..

Primula – Alpines and Pot Plants

Primula is a genus with over 500 species and numerous hybrids, divided into 30+ sections. Primulas all have flowers Read more..