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Grow Nemesia from Seeds or Plugs

Nemesia Culture Nemesias grow from 1 to 2 feet tall, with sparsely branched plants. They grow erect, with the Read more..

Best Garden Photographs and Tips November

Early November before heavy frost. This Hydrangea bloom still looks very attractive despite flowers fading. After Read more..

Help with Garlic Growing

You will not need a lot of help growing Garlic if you select UK Garlic bulbs that are appropriate for our climate. Buy Read more..

Top Ten Round Courgette Varieties

Curcurbita pepo may have been cultivated for upwards of 5,000 years but I bet they have not always been called Read more..

Growing Phlomis Varieties

Phlomis are small shrubs for a warm sunny border. The unusual flower stems and Mediterranean style silver leaves make Read more..

It can’t be autumn already!

Rudbeckia 'Herbstonne' in full bloom and proudly standing at 8ft plus tall – thankfully I staked it really Read more..

Bishop’s Dahlias

Question What has dark red leaves and flowers like a trouper until the first frost? Answer One of the Bishop’s Read more..

Growing Californian Poppies – Eschscholzia

Eschscholzia californica – Californian Poppy The Californian poppy is an easy to grow hardy annual, which Read more..

Poppies from Seed

Georgia O’Keefee painted some brilliant portraits of red Poppies some times upto 3 feet wide and high, even bigger Read more..

Sunflower Seeds and Uses

Sunflowers are extravagant and fantastic floral tributes from nature but it doesn’t stop there. The seeds fro Read more..