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Rhubarb Growing Tips

Grow your own Rhubarb as it is easy to cultivate and gives a large crop of tender pink stalks. Varieties to choose Read more..

Growing Marguerites

Marguerites are a small genus of plants ‘Argyranthemum’ that that look very similar to Read more..

Growing Purple Malva Hollyhocks

Hollyhock family are from the Alcea genus but I couldn’t find a UK supplier of the variety above.. Malva Read more..

Big Brash Dahlias

Dahlias may still be out of fashion in many gardening circles but I am an affectionado and think they are well worth Read more..

Many Magnificent Magnolias

Magnolia Varieties Magnolia ‘Sunrise’ – White with red stripe Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’ Read more..

Best Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day in the UK is fast approaching. If you have a habit of forgetting until the last minute, you can Read more..

Globular Primulas I have Known

Spring flowering Primulas are one of gardens wonders. The ‘denticulata’ flowers are held on firm high Read more..

Raspberry Plants Send Ripples of Delight

These raspberry canes are available from my local garden centre this week (March 20th). If you can’t get to Read more..

Paw Paw Fruit Trees

I never thought about growing exotic fruit like the Paw Paw That was until I saw this tree for sale in Thompson Read more..

Lenten Roses and Other Hellebores

Hellebores are not just for Christmas as in Christmas Rose there are species that are also called Lenten Read more..