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Christmas come early … what a treat

Now before you get too excited, this isn’t an ‘early Christmas baby’ news post! Feel free to get very Read more..

Super Markets

Blog readers will know that wherever I travel in the world I just LOVE to visit local markets. So full of colour, taste Read more..

Help with Garlic Growing

You will not need a lot of help growing Garlic if you select UK Garlic bulbs that are appropriate for our climate. Buy Read more..

Girdling and Garrotting Gardening Techniques

Girdling If bark is removed all the way around a tree trunk the downward passage of food to the roots is stopped. Read more..

Winter Flowering Plants

Iris Unguicularis. Popular name Algerian or winter-flowering iris. This is an ideal plant for poor soil in hot and dry Read more..

My Seed Purchase for Cloud Pruning

I have just updated my 50 Top Seed Companies published in 2010. A new entrant in my list, RP Seeds, offered Ilex Read more..

Top Ten Round Courgette Varieties

Curcurbita pepo may have been cultivated for upwards of 5,000 years but I bet they have not always been called Read more..

Growing Phlomis Varieties

Phlomis are small shrubs for a warm sunny border. The unusual flower stems and Mediterranean style silver leaves make Read more..

Going crazy over Bromeliads!

Visitors to the Exotic Garden regularly ask me what is my favourite plant or group of plants. This is a question that Read more..

National Gardening Week 2012

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has come up with a new wheeze to be launched for 2012. The National Gardening Read more..