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It can’t be autumn already!

Rudbeckia 'Herbstonne' in full bloom and proudly standing at 8ft plus tall – thankfully I staked it really Read more..

Frogs And Flowers

With all the civil unrest going on around the UK the garden has turned into my little sanctuary from watching the Read more..

Pictures From The Plot

Apart from the garden my other passion has been working on the allotment.I have been up there a few times over the Read more..

Flowers And Friends

The BBC reported on a nationwide survey of insects within Citys .The study is being run in 12 citys across the UK,12 Read more..

Fabulous Thunbergia’s brighten up the dullest of summer days…

Thunbergia alata ‘Superstar Orange’ Rain, rain, go away – come again another day! An old nursery rhyme that Read more..

The Big Butterfly Count

I've certainly noticed fewer butterflies in the garden this year, have you? This time of year the butterflies should Read more..

The new season at the Exotic Garden begins…

At last the garden is up to scratch with new gravel laid - unfortunately some off my tallest Cordyline’s have decided Read more..

Plant Hardiness Ratings

You want your plants to survive our British climate so it is worth understanding the hardiness ratings. Plant hardiness Read more..

Are you Growing Runner Beans?

Are you growing Runner Beans this year? I seem to flick from one extreme to the other with Runner Beans. One year Read more..

Growing Chusan Palm

Trachycarpus fortunei or the Chusan palm can grow and flower in the UK.  They are hardy down to -10° C and tolerate Read more..