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Outdoor Pest Control for Philodendrons

While chemical application of pesticide is one approach to control the few pests that prey on philodendrons, this Read more..

Plum crazy

  Mr Mandy Sutter and I moved to a new plum tree last summer. The tree wasn’t the main reason for buying the Read more..

Spring is Sprung

Dad (92) is an enthusiastic custodian of old sayings and catchphrases. He inserts them into conversation with relish, Read more..

Hot bed of iniquity (or potatoes) – Reluctant Gardener Jan 2016

When a friend says she loathes January and February, it only makes me realise how much I look forward to those months, Read more..

Playing with Flowers

A friend of mine moved to the country and inherited a large and unruly garden. “How about a flower arranging Read more..

M is for meadows

I know that tomorrow is going to be a mother of a day, so time to get ahead with my M…. a day in July last year, Read more..

L is for lemons

Lemons north of Rome get wheeled out in May. Like it? Click to share, tweet and save Hide Read more..

K is for Eddie Krutysza

At home, we are pickaxing up areas of the garden.  Grappling with unwanted curbstones, squinting at the winter ghosts Read more..

Genius loci

If you were ever wondering what that is, read this and you will understand: It is too long  since a post went up on Read more..

How to bud a rose

Well why would you?  Its quite simple – roses can be grown by taking cuttings but to graft a bud onto the Read more..