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Reluctant Gardener, day 570: A friend in weed is a friend indeed

When I mention the allotment to friends, they often say ‘how rewarding, eating your own veg! And all that fresh air Read more..

Happy New Year!!!

What a year it's been here at the freerange homestead - not much blogging done, not much gardening or cooking, but Read more..

making apple jellies

Over the summer I had numerous offers of crab apples but was too sick to go picking or venture into the kitchen.  I Read more..

Reluctant Gardener, day 440. November: of gnomes and names

November is an uninspiring time for gardeners. Days are indecently short, and the grunt work of weeding and digging Read more..

It’s Stir Up Sunday

It’s that time of year again; the last Sunday before Advent and traditionally the day for making your Christmas Read more..

making oat biscuits

I’ve been having a bit of a clear out and unearthed an old 1986 Dairy Diary with all sorts of recipe clippings Read more..

Dividing Bulbs

Whether it is starting to feel cooler where you live or is still hot, it is time to divide your bulbs.  There is Read more..

Of what’s brewing in a witch’s cauldron!

I’ve been living in the garden these past few days; parting from it only to do the necessary. As summer slowly fades Read more..

This and that

My kitchen smells lovely... and it isn’t exactly the smell of food! This is by far the loveliest of flower Read more..

In the garden and some more…

...so I’ve been stripping off grass by hand, hauling sacks after sacks of soil and gravel and bark... I’ve been Read more..